Southport & Oak Island

Southport & Oak Island


Southern charm, history and waterfront views is what will welcome you to the coastal areas of Southport and Oak Island. Southport harbors an array of dining venues, retail shopping and the Riverwalk. You will not be disappointed during your walk through Waterfront Park and continuing along this scenic adventure.
Fort Fisher and The North Carolina Aquarium are just two attractions that you will want to visit while in historical Southport.
Oak Island is Brunswick County’s largest island. It is 12.6 miles long and about one mile across. Oak Island is a south-facing beach as well as all the beaches of Brunswick County. This is due to the “scalloped arc” of the southeast coast of North Carolina.

Oak Island consists of three beaches; Caswell Beach, Long Beach and Yaupon Beach. You will find native trees such as live oaks and yaupon holly. Fishing piers, lighthouses, marinas, golf courses, retail shops and more await you at Oak Island.

Oak island is also home to a variety of sea turtles that return each year. Sea turtle projects are found at all of the beaches of Brunswick County, NC. Southport and Oak Island are well-kept secrets of Brunswick County. You are truly going to appreciate all that this historic town offers and would love to make it your home.


Southport Established: 1792
Population: 2,351 (2000 census)
Climate: Average Low 62 degress F   Average High 72 degrees F
Zip code: 28461


Oak Island Established: 1838
Population: 6,571 (2000 census)
Climate:Average Low 62 degress F   Average High 72 degrees F
Zip Code: 28461, 28465